Monday, February 13, 2012

Surrender to the Moment ...

 "It is this complete surrender to the Universe that connects us to Light"

It is a common spiritual law that everything happens for a reason. It’s a tough pill to swallow sometimes. The reasons are not always clear, but the events of our lives appear because we deserve them and because they are designed to help us to transform and grow; and transformation brings us closer to a connection with the Light…which is always good!

Today, instead of meeting every seemingly negative situation with dismay, try to be mindful that there is a lesson in the circumstance and this lesson will take you to a better place ultimately, to a higher spiritual level. In moments of distress, as difficult as it is to see the reason for our hardship, find within yourself the strength to say, “For now I will accept this challenge, not knowing the reason but trusting the universe has sent this to me for my own good and that someday I will fully understand.”

It is this complete surrender to the Universe that connects us to Light.

Unfortunately, our Desire to Receive for the Self Alone constantly seeks to distract us from having this consciousness. Instead we get in our own way, with worry and fret we make mountains out of hills. We want to fix the problem right now. We want to see the fruits of our work instantaneously. Sometimes we need to stay in the discomfort in order to reap the greatest benefit. So rather than asking for the pain to stop, ask to see what the pain is here to help you learn. Once you learn the lesson, there is no reason for the pain, right?

The Creator always has our best interest at heart. Today, we have the power to surrender to the moment, to choose to be patient, to look for the lesson and to allow the hidden gift to unfold before us.

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