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Rekindled Inner Spirit ...

” In everyone’s life, at some time, our inner fire goes out. It is then burst into flame by an encounter with another human being. We should all be thankful for those people who rekindle the inner spirit.”   

- Albert Schweitzer

Life is a funny thing. Its ups and downs, highs and lows tend to disorient and confuse us constantly. Usually though we find our bearings and regain equilibrium as quickly as the turbulence appears and disappears. But, there are times when too much happens too frequently. There are times when we don’t seem to be able to catch our breaths no matter how hard we try. We live in the spin cycle of life- where we’re tossed around so much for so long that our sense of balance is destroyed. We wander in a constant storm without any shelter in sight and eventually lose our senses of direction, purpose and self.

 During these times of tumult and uncertainty, we can still remember how things used to be, but can’t seem to achieve stability and equilibrium anymore. With time, our minds allow us to forget what we’re missing, in order to protect us from the loss. We go on living in a perpetual state of flux, unable to catch a break or find respite from the contact volatility. We manage, we cope and we even create the appearance of a life of balance. In time, even we start to buy into the fiction that all is as it should be.

Surprisingly, we human beings are quite capable of living in such a permanent state of instability for long stretches of time. Years can go by and we disregard our innate need for steadiness and balance. Decades may pass and yet we keep drifting aimlessly, while keeping up the appearances. We can be battered and bruised to our core and yet look and act peaceful and content to the outside world.

Then something happens- some exchange, encounter, action, conversation, or chance meeting with someone. Most often the event looks quite inconsequential at first glance. But, it sparks some sense or feeling deep inside. Once the spark is struck, other actions and events of life come along and fan the small spark into a new flame. People come into our lives that are the oxygen and fuel this little flame needs to grow stronger and more intense. New friends, staunch supporters, lifetime defenders, long lost friends, surrogate family members, new admirers and allies- remarkable human beings who see us for who we really are-step into our world, nurture our sense of self and our drive for balance and equilibrium.

Our true selves, fully aflame now, are once again awakened, enlightened, and enlivened. And that’s the moment when we raise our hands and show this ruthless, tumultuous world our middle fingers and shout enough!

Enough of being tossed around aimlessly by the waves of the sea of life! Enough of drifting pointlessly without a sense of direction! Enough of being sad and detached! Enough of being swallowed by loneliness! Enough of enduring a life without peace and stability! We hear ourselves shout and we realize that we’re back. And all this because someone or many someones came and touched our inner spirit.

These people-these exceptional and unforgettable people- may never realize what they’ve done for us; how they’ve saved us; how they’ve roused us out of our slumber. But we know. And we will never forget how precious their presence and influence have been. Once we’re touched by them, once we’re reawakened, there is no going back. There are only vivid colors, tremendous awe, absolute awareness, a great sense of strength and boundless gratitude.

The flames are burning strongly and brilliantly now. The sparks are everywhere now. And we’re fully ready and equipped to once again search for balance and find stability and happiness when life’s ups and downs fling us around like a weightless feather. We’re once again in the game, playing to win.

Human beings are capable of some amazing accomplishments. None is more significant or life altering as rekindling the inner spirit of another human being.

With a great sense of gratitude
and dedicated to all who’ve helped
rekindle my inner spirit…

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