Sunday, December 4, 2011

Its Important To Make Wise Choices

"The important thing is this:  To be able at any moment to sacrifice that which we are for what we could become."  ~Charles DuBois

For the most part you create the life you have with every choice you make. It is so important to make wise choices. Choose your choices wisely. Wise ones are your sunshine, that brings happiness to your life. Foolish ones are your shadow, that brings unhappiness and pain.

So choose your choices very carefully. Don’t make any choices you simply can’t live with.

Some choices aren’t easy. Think things through. Weigh all that's involved. Then make the best decision possible with what you have to work with, then simply let it go, and hope for the best. Trust whatever happens is for the best, because you did your best.

Sometimes you make the wrong choice. (At times, everyone does no matter how hard they try not too). Don’t worry about it; so often, making the wrong choice actually leads you to the right one. Don't focus on the choices you've made in the past, Happiness isn’t there, but in the choices of today. Happiness isn't found in never making a mistake, but in never letting a mistake keep you from happiness.

The ability to make choices gives you the freedom to choose those things that makes you happiest. Make the most of this freedom, to make the most of your life. Life is a gift, but happiness is a choice. Choose it today, choose it everyday, and no day will be without sunshine ...
By Nancye Sims Copyright @ 2011

"The first and greatest victory is to conquer yourself; to be conquered by yourself is of all things most shameful and vile. " ~Plato

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