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Have a Grateful Attitude...

Benefits of having a grateful attitude...

You cannot welcome more abundance into your life until you have said to the universe truly, "Hey, thanks for all I have". 

Find out more about the importance of being grateful and why giving gratitude completes the circle of receiving.

You can also place yourself in a better mood by being thankful. 

You will find you are in a much more optimistic state after you've spent a few minutes reflecting about your blessings and feeling grateful for them. Compassion and kindness will probably fill your heart.

Besides, being grateful is a wonderful tool to attract what we want into our lives: Mike Dooley gives all the keys to create the life of our dreams in "Infinite Possibilities".

What are YOU most thankful for? 

Let the world know and rave about what makes your heart sing using the form below!  You can also read what other visitors of the site have shared at the bottom of the page.

The obstacle


The problem is that when things are given to us over and over, we start taking them for granted or we forget being appreciative of what we receive.

You can overcome this tendency by dedicating some time daily just to be thankful maintaining an attitude of gratitude.



Simply sit somewhere where you are not disturbed. Think of anything you have (examples below).

It is not a matter of comparison, but think for a second about the millions of people who are not blessed with what you have, or are simply in a worse condition than you. 

Realize that you could easily not have had all the things you do have.

Say "thanks" internally. Some people like saying "thanks" loudly. 

You can use these thankful phrases to express what you are grateful for, or find inspiration in these thankful quotes

You can start a gratitude journal in which to record what you are thankful for, or you could also use a gratitude rock.

Through gratitude you can also make an investment in positive energy which won't cost you a cent.

Examples of what you can be thankful for:

  • Simply walking or having any sense (smell, sight...). two hands
  • Friends, relatives, a lover, a partner, someone that appreciates your company, even a pet. You can find inspiration in these positive phrases about people.
  • Possessions: clothes, a car, a house, a computer, a watch, a TV, etc.
  • Your job! If you like it, then wonderful; if you do not like it, realize that it still gives you money that allows you to build your life.
  • Your health. You may have more or less problems with your body, but you are here, you are breathing, you are alive.
  • Food. Do you starve daily? Do you have problems to obtain food? Many people do.
>>> Find here an extended list of things to be thankful for.

Being Thankful Daily

Why not take a break twice a day (and that is very little considering all the things you are and have) to express gratitude for your blessings? You could start by being thankful for what you have.

I tend to start my day dedicating some time to be thankful, as it puts me in a real good mood to go on with my day. Find out more about about how to create a grateful day.
I also like being thankful for all that has happened in my day before I go to bed at night; good and bad, as I know that all the "negative" stuff makes for a fantastic teacher. 

Pema Chodron includes being grateful as one of the important mottos to live by in "Start where you are".
I also like stopping and saying thanks for it whenever something that pleases me occurs. It's like saying out loud, "I like this! Bring me more!"

A little secret to get what you want...

Joe Vitale gives away a formula to achieve what you desire in "Life's missing instruction manual":
    1. Be grateful for what you already have. 2. Declare what you would like to have with positive emotion. 3. Act on the opportunities that appear in front of you.
Notice how Joe Vitale puts emphasis on being thankful for what you already have before asking for something else. In fact, being grateful is the only thing left to do when you keep an attitude of being open to receive

All in all, the advice is simple: just say thank you. 

"When you arise in the morning, give thanks for the morning light, for your life and strength. Give thanks for your food, and the joy of living. If you see no reason for giving thanks, the fault lies with yourself."
~Tecumseh, Shawnee Chief

What Are YOU Most Thankful For?

What makes YOU tick? What makes your heart sing? What is it that you are most thankful for?

Rave about it here, below!

Your story or comment will be published on a page of its own with all credit to you, if you so choose it...

Com'on! Share your appreciation with the world! 

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