Monday, September 19, 2011

Make Today Count ...

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"You don't have to keep feeling sorry about the past, just  as long as you make sure that what you do from now on counts!" ~ John Miyoshi

Remember that today you cannot only make a difference in your own life but in the lives of others as well.  Stay positive and no matter what, always stay true to yourself. Each moment you have a choice.  Each moment you are creating an irrevocable memory that will last a lifetime and you never know how the memories you are continuously creating will impact others and your own future. 

That's why it is so important to remain conscious of your decisions and to make good choices.  Remind yourself of what truly matters most to you and make your decisions accordingly. Put purpose and meaning behind your actions rather than your need for instant gratification.

Living carelessly and just "going through the motions" can cause you to make lazy and irresponsible choices which, although maybe unintentional, can potentially be very hurtful.  

Ultimately, nobody wants that, so just be smart about things.  Just put a little extra effort into your decision making and think as if what you do and how you do things matter... because it truly does!  

All we can do is try to live and do better than we did yesterday and try to encourage and inspire others to do better as well.  All we can do in this life is our very best... and we owe it to ourselves and those we love to do so.  If we don't, what are we here for?  

Before making a decision on anything you do, you should always make sure that you're doing whatever it is for the right reasons, so this way, you never have to be sorry about it later... 

Ask yourself: 
  • "What truly matters to me?" 
  • "Are my actions reflecting my values?" 
  • "Will I be sorry for this decision later?"  
  • "Are the consequences worth the risk?"
  • "Are the gains worth the loss?"
  • "Will this hurt anyone?"
  • "Will I have to hide this decision?" (If you do, than you aren't being true to yourself / Values)
  • "Is this decision something I will be proud to admit and stand by?" 

What it all boils down to is self respect and the respect for others, so...  Live with integrity. Be an inspiration of what to be, not what not to be! Make yourself proud...  Make today count!

"Making good choices in the future is the ultimate apology for the past."


Danielle Miyoshi © 2011

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