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Declare the Theme of Your Life...

"If somebody asked you the theme for your life and yourself, what could you honestly declare?" ~ Dr. Scott Christian
I found this article written by a licensed psychologist, named Dr. Scott Christian, in a local resource magazine. It makes you want to ask yourself some really important questions and helps you to realize that you can truly turn your life into one that you actually, really want to live.  I hope you find it as useful as I did.
I truly enjoyed it... and I'm still thinking about my answer to the question at the end...  : )                   -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
BrAiN FoOd To GrOw ThOuGhT,  ReSpOnSiBiLiTy,  aNd HaPpInEsS  
by Dr. Scott Christian, Licensed Psychologist

It took a second, but you figured it out.  By doing so, you just fed your brain.  Things that are unusual or require problem-solving will cause our brain to stand at attention, just as this title caught yours.  It is made to figure things out, put them in a category, and efficiently use them later for our benefit.  When it struggles with this, a variety of emotions can occur.  When we think in a certain way repetitiously, it becomes and automatic pattern, even without out realization. Many underestimate the power of thoughts in emotional control, but experience and research shows otherwise. 

It is our current thoughts, even if packed away from the past, reused, and outdated, that establish our coping skills and emotional and behavioral approach IN and TO this world.  If somebody asked you the psychologist theme for your life and yourself, what could you  honestly declare?  Read the following and find the parts you disagree with, and then examine how you came to this conclusion:

Thoughts for a Positive, Evolving Life...

"It is responsible change that makes me live and grow.  My experiences, whether small or large, added or subtracted, that make up what I call life.  It is my decision what I include in this equation, regardless if I choose to accept this responsibility.  If I add fun, life will become fun.  If I throw stones, life will be rocky.  It is each addition and subtraction, one after another, that builds my current life equation.  Day by day, I can increase the positive sum of my past, as it is only written in memories and feelings, just as I am doing right now. Even adding something only once a day, I will imagine and reach the life I desire.  Subtractions will inevitably occur, but need not overtake me.  These are simply opportunities to learn and grow.  Each event that occurs, no matter how mundane or enormous I may imagine, is inevitably counted in this equation.  My freedom is in my perception.  I am the mathematician of my life."

Thoughts for Continuous, Positive Self-Growth...

"I am committed to becoming the authentic, satisfied person I want and know I can become... the simpler, more flowing, and spiritually enriching "me" that I have caught glimpses of in the past.  Despite the predictable distractions put in my way, either by chance or my own doing, I will evolve these glimpses of my true self into my daily reality.

Discomfort comes when not being true to myself, and I will listen to this.  I will remind myself that I can change as I choose, even though I may try to convince myself avoidance of this discomfort is best.  This is how I achieve growth.  I refuse to let fear defeat my success .  Self-trust and comfort will blossom and strengthen as I follow what promotes my health.  My emotions will rationally guide my life and promote my success.  I understand this takes practice.  I will not ignore my needs through irrational compromise that does not suit me.  This will psychologically and spiritually complicate my life with emotional clutter that impairs my ability to connect with the person I really am and reach the many goals I can surely attain.  I will trust my judgment as it is given to me and honestly  refine it to promote the strengths I already possess, and use them in the best way I know how.  This is all I can ask of myself, as it is my best.  Others can ask no more than this from me.  For this I will be candidly proud, as it will bring me to my authentic self.  I will address matters head on, even if I need to step back for a few moments before doing so.  I will create new strengths.  I will never forget the importance of kindness and tolerance  for others.  I will overuse gratitude, guide myself rationally, and do the same for others.  Still, I will refuse to distort the truth to maintain unresolved self-doubts or foster this deception in others.  This will inevitably draw people to me, yet sometimes push them away, but this is acceptable if my intentions are pure.  I will improve upon this daily, and everyday thereafter to create my life.  I will take things as they come, open myself to different experiences, and not confuse material wants with genuine happiness.  I will balance my life through promoting my virtues, and slap the concept of failure  on the wrist, as it only bullies  personal growth.  I can handle what comes my way as I learn through experience.  Despite some uncertainty, I welcome my life to grow as it is meant.  I will trust my ability to know, feel, and do, respectfully, because I can create happiness."

Wash, rinse, and repeat daily to create and authentic, happy, life pattern. 

I suggest writing these affirmations down and looking at them each day, but first, ask yourself this: 

If somebody asked you the theme for your life and yourself, what could you honestly declare?

Take a moment to think carefully and write your response below...

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