Friday, August 5, 2011

5 Steps to Success...

The “Middleton Method”: Kate Middleton’s 5 Steps to Success

Posted by Misha Henckel

Kate Middleton has risen from middle class obscurity to become The Duchess of Cambridge, future queen of England, and one of the most recognizable women in the world. Today, she landed at the top of Vanity Fair’s International Best Dressed List. Some people may think that she’s just a pretty girl who got lucky and married a prince. But I’ve been following her for a number of years, observing her choices and there’s quite a bit more to her than that. I would say that this is young woman who is not afraid to follow her path. She’s taken some big risks and, yes, for a while there was some doubt as to how it would play out. But things have certainly worked out for this ordinary girl from Berkshire. So what is her secret to success? What is the “Kate Middleton Method?” I’ve listed 5 steps below that I believe led to her success, steps we can all use in our own lives.

1. Know your worth, believe in yourself, and set your sights high. Kate never questioned whether she was worthy enough to
be William’s chosen. Didn’t matter that she was just a “commoner.” It is very unusual for someone who is not royalty or not a member of the aristocracy to marry the future king of England. But Kate did not let history, or tradition get in the way of what she wanted. Girl’s got chutzpah!

2. Be patient. They teased her and called her “waitey Katey” but Kate was patient and smarter than a lot of women would be in that situation. It may have seemed that she was being a bit of a doormat, but she knew what she was about. She was born to step into the role she’s in and she was willing to sacrifice for it. Ten years is a very long time, especially when you’re in your twenties. Kate proved she has what it takes to stay the course.

3. Be true to yourself. It’s so easy to be blown every which way with the wind. But Kate always seems to know who she is and what she is about, and what is right for her, regardless of the critics. And thank goodness! It is the only way she could have withstood the pressures that come with joining the British royals… paparazzi, tabloids and the like.

4. Be humble. Humility is so important. An out-of-check ego can ruin the best of opportunities. Kate is always graceful, appropriate, unpretentious, and doesn’t seem to take herself too seriously.

5. Dress the part. How you dress tells others how you feel about yourself. Being well dressed is not shallow. It’s a crucial component in how you present yourself and demonstrates self respect and respect for others. Kate has certainly dressed impeccably at almost every turn. On the recent trip to LA she made our Hollywood celebrities look simply trashy. She deserves to be at the very top of the International Best Dressed List. 

Life is not easy these days, for anyone. Whether it’s finding a new career or job, building healthy and happy relationships, or fulfilling our dreams, I’d say Kate Middleton’s Method is tried and true. Give it a shot!

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