Sunday, July 31, 2011

Take Your Time...

If part of you wants to hurry things along today, think again.  Being productive is essential but constantly speeding things up day in and day out will get you burnt out fast.  Besides, you miss a lot of what's going on around you when you're rushing around trying to finish every little task on your agenda.  You're not only getting things done quicker but you're going to get through the good parts of life faster too, and who wants that?  Sometimes it's good, not to mention healthy, to just slow it down a bit.  Life can become so fast-pased, so busy, so... scheduled.  To keep our sanity we have to take some time for ourselves every now and then to just relax, reflect, re-charge... to just be.  Whatever it is you choose to do with your much deserved break today, whether it's an hour or a full day, do it for you and don't feel guilty about it.  Remember that in order to be optimally productive it is essential to re-charge your batteries.  So relax.  Do what you want to do - not what you have to do for a change...  your to-do list isn't going anywhere and most of all... you deserve it!  Enjoy the weekend and "Make It' a Great Day!

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