Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Realize A Resistance-Free Reality

“Your dreams are inevitable – how long it takes them to arrive is  just dependent on how much resistance you choose to hold.”
-The Oracle                                           
I love what this world is coming to!
Yes, there are a lot of problems in the world, most of which are getting worse, but they are only getting worse because people have resistance.  You can just imagine what that the Law of Attraction does with that resistance!
The world is truly coming to a place where authenticity will be easier to find within ourselves and where being in our flow will become more and more normal. Authenticity is already natural, though most of us lose site of this and we become normal and in-authentic, like most others. So, you might say that our world is coming to a place where it is becoming easier to return to our natural state of being. That natural, authentic state of being is resistance-free, at which point our magnetism for attracting is huge.
Resistance is a block to our energetic flow. Resistances block the energy of our Source coming down to us, impeding our receiving that energy.
Why not have a resistance-free reality? Why not notice what is bothering you, what is rubbing you the wrong way and release the resistance? Why not allow yourself to be aware of the reistance you have to yourself, flow what you don’t like and come to a place where you love yourself? Love is the most powerful magnetic attractor.
Life is simple. Realizing a resistance-free reality is simple. Us coming to the place where we choose this isn’t necessesarily easy. But the world is helping us, with all its problems. The problems make it easier for us to realize we don’t need problems or resistance. Just joy and love.
And in joy and love we come to live a resistance-free reality!
Why is Resistance So Hard To Let Go Of?
The truth is there is only one reason: we don’t want to let go. Generally we don’t want to let go because we have a misperception within us that incorrectly thinks that if we are not resisting then we won’t get what we want?
As if closing the door will allow new friends to come in! Sounds silly, I know, but that is what resistance does.
Stop and think about what you are resisting. I’m very sorry to say that most of us are resisting something all of the time. We are resisting being loved because we think we’ll be hurt; we resist having the life we want because subconsciously we are afraid of what we want. For example, I have a student who has a strong desire for a relationship. However, she is also very weary of men and their motivations. Under these circumstances, how will she be open enough to allow men to be themselves and to come forward in a relationship? Her resistance keeps her from allowing men to get closer to her. On the other hand, if she chose to let this resistance flow away then she would find several men knocking at her door.
Nothing to Fear
In my above example, my student resists relationship because she has been hurt in the past. However, why fear what you don’t want or what has happened in the past? Why resist what you desire  in the present? The only reason to resist your desires is because you are assuming that your desire will include something painful or unwanted. Why make that assumption? Why not paint a dream for yourself of your life the way you want it minus what you don’t want?
Your Source Energy does not seek to bring you a great life with a little torture on the side! Your Source Energy is you! It is important for you to know what you do and don’t want. Resist neither of them and then have the resistance-free and joyful life you dream of!
Kalyn B Raphael is a Spiritual Life Coach, Co-founder of the Golden Flow™ System, a published author and channels The Oracle. Kalyn has worked with people for nearly ten years helping them significantly improve their lives in accordance to universal lawsKalyn works with people one-on-one, in classes, seminars and on journeys.

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